quick FAQs

Some real quick FAQ’s for you:

This seems like a lot, where can I learn more about Plan B Co-operative?
That’s a great question! Plan B Co-op is, indeed, a large undertaking. We’ve written out an in depth description on our About Plan B Co-op KW page that goes deeper into what Plan B Co-op is in a nut shell.

Do you have a space?
We don’t have a space yet but do we have drop-in hours at SPECTRUM. They are on the second and fourth Monday’s of each month from 7pm to 9pm. These dates and times are found here.

How can I support Plan B Co-op?
There are plenty of ways! We’re always looking for more help organizing events, reviewing policy, crafting, designing, and even the other ways of supporting us by donating money or material items like crafts, appliances or furniture. There’s a wishlist here.

Why are you called “Plan B”?
Yes, we’re called Plan B, though we prefer Plan B Co-op, you can read more about this here.

Are you accepting Members right now?
The short answer to that is no, we aren’t accepting “Members” to the co-operative at this moment because we are not incorporated. We have our Bylaws completed and will be submitting them in the next few weeks. Once we are incorporated, we will be formally accepting Members and everyone who has been with us helping out will become Members by fulfilling Membership dues. Once we’re incorporated, we’ll publicly post Membership forms and criteria!

Can I get involved?
Yes, we’re always looking for folks to get involved! You don’t need experience, you just need to have the interest. We have a bunch of crafters, we have community organizers, we have policy nerds, we have curious folks, and we have designers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What else is going on in our community?
We’re always wondering that, too. We created a page dedicated to community events called the bulletin board. Check it out here.

Didn’t get your questions answered?
Of course, you are your own person and think and feel different. We are working on embedding an anonymous form for folks to submit questions, comments, or concerns. Right now, please use our contact us form. Or, if you’re comfortable to do so, send us an email at plancoopkw@gmail.com.