Plan ENBY is a brand new social group launching out of Plan B Co-op. This specific social group is for non-binary, gender non-conforming, or otherwise gender variant folx in the Region of Waterloo. The group is aiming to bridge gaps and create an affirming social space for those whose genders lie beyond the scope of a binary.

Plan ENBY’s facilitators:

Jacob Joy Bowen
Aubrey Aislin
Jayden T. Jones

Notes on the space: Treehaus is a collaborative working space that has a low-scent policy. Please refrain from using scented products (colognes, perfumes, hair products, and etc.). We have three gender neutral bathrooms, and are wheelchair friendly. Free parking is on the street and adjacent streets.

Upcoming events:

January 21st 2018 — 5-8 — Board Games Socials
February 18th 2018 — 5-8 — Discussion Night

Contact the Plan ENBY team:



Here’s a google form for Plan ENBY’s events, please fill this out if you would like to make the organizers aware of specific safety or accessibility needs. This form is anonymous.