QT2SI+ garment drive

Help us challenge access barriers and support questioning, transitioning, and low/unwaged queer, trans, two spirit, intersex + folks in Kitchener-Waterloo.

We know there is a need for folx to get binders, gaffs, bras, underwear, etc. that are gender affirming. The things that help express our genders in the most intimate and affirming ways. In the past, we had access to a bunch of clothing swaps but now all of those items have been rehomed. That is why we are developing this garment drive as a focus program for our communities.


QT2SI+ Garment Drive Description

Plan B Co-op KW is trying on a new program for size. We are working with community organizations and campus groups in the region to help facilitate this program. Partnering groups will have information cards and drop off boxes available in their spaces during hours of operation. You are more then welcome to stop by and drop off items to whichever spot is easiest for you. If you have any other clothing that you would like to donate to queer, trans, two-spirit, or intersex+ folks, we would be more than happy to work with you to make this happen. We will be holding regular clothing swaps in the future for LGBTQ+ folks as a whole.

Some of the things we’re intending to do with this program when we have the resources to hold swaps is:

  • Hold specific times for Black or Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) and South East Asian People of Colour (SEA POC).
  • Hold specific times for trans, non-binary, intersex, gender non-conforming folks or any inbetweeners
  • Use wheelchair accessible spaces
  • Encourage low to no scents in spaces by participants, the space itself, and organizers
  • Encourage cis and/or straight allies to support events by setting up and taking down tables and folding items

We are looking for support in the launching and facilitation of this program. Are you part of a group or a business who can help collect garments or store a donation box? Are you looking to get involved in queer and trans organizing? Looking to give back and help create safer spaces for queer and trans folks? Awesome. Connect with us however works best for you!


Shareable PDF’s (for print if you want to):

QT2SI+ Garment Drive Description + FAQ PDF

QT2SI+ Garment Drive Locations PDF