June QT clothing swap postponed until July

We’ve got a lot of really awesome momentum growing here with a dozen new volunteers putting in some great planning and strategizing in creating safer events, social spaces, and programs for queer and trans/gender variant folks in the Region of Waterloo.

With all of this momentum, we have to be careful about how we commit and sometimes over-commit to putting community first. To avoid burn out and to ensure that we are all taking care of ourselves, Plan B Co-op is postponing our June’s queer and trans clothing swap. We do plan to have our swaps every month moving forward except for occasions of ensuring that we’re ok, too.

Our next QT clothing swap will be at the end of July 2017 at our community partner, Extend-A-Family, in their WALES portable building in midtown. More details to be announced.

This swap will be low sensory, fully wheelchair accessible, low light, and offer several rooms to hang out in! We do apologize in advance, this space is not low scent and encourage all participants to reduce their scent wear.

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