Oh look! We’re sponsored by gc2b!

As of April 2017, we are proud to say that the transition apparel company, gc2b has sponsored our QT2SI+ Garment Drive program!!

They are donating factory-second binders and offering to cover all shipping costs for any brand new binder order placed through us. While these binders are new and in great condition, they may have a skipped stitch, excess or a lack in fabric length, or otherwise cannot be sold at full price. We also cannot guarantee a fabric colour or length, just like the current pre-loved binders we gift to others through our QT2SI+ Garment Drive. These gc2b binders are being donated to us to give to local folks in need of transition apparel.

To inquire about these binders, please contact us via email at planbcoopkw@gmail.com at anytime. We ask that you PWYC for these binders support our program in purchasing new binders and gaffs for other folks in need. We also want to have a photo op with your dreamy new binder (with your consent of course)!

If you want to purchase a brand new gc2b binder through us to save the expensive shipping costs, please fill out our form. When we have a minimum of 10 binders ordered, we’ll place the order. All products are in American currency, we will quote you with the Canadian value before placing any order. In a case by case basis, we may offer payment plans, or barter/trade (because a member of Plan B is purchasing the order and being reimbursed afterwards). Then, we follow up with gc2b, receive the package, and contact you about delivery! Find the order form here.

gc2b large logo

Shout out to gc2b! They’re pretty neat so follow them and like their stuff.


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