Plan B Co-op KW: Product Press Release

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Plan B KW Co-op

Plan B KW Announces the Launch of Sex Positive Sex Toys


Kitchener, OntarioPlan B KW is excited to announce the launch of sex positive sex toy pop up shops, selling our sex positive sex toys that will be available to a variety of communities, particularly the queer community. The official launch date for availability of our pop up shop is January 1, 2017. These pop up shops will run on a need basis with information of the time of the pop up shops available at our website,

Plan B KW believes these pop up shops will actively challenge and dismantle barriers currently facing the queer communities, inclusive of pay what you can/sliding scale pricing and a sex positive, gender neutral stance to the marketing and selling of these products. We received a bunch of adult toys and need to share the excitement with you.

These pop ups can be set up at your events, in your homes or offices, at programs, or can be catered through private viewings. We are interested in cross collaboration, partnerships, and community support to fundraise for collective queer and trans programming, spaces and events. We offer gift baskets to help raise funding through silent auctions, door prizes or raffles. Contact us directly for more information on collective fundraising, to set up viewings, or to plan a pop up.


Plan B Co-op KW; an alternative queer community space by queer folx for queer folx is a really big adventure that takes a lot of time. It’s a dream. The few of us involved are, like many of you queer and trans folx, barely holding on because of the racist-colonialist-capitalist-ableist-classist-transphobic-hetero-patriarchy.

If you’re interested in feminist and anti-racist work organizing focusing on community support, accountability, safer spaces, anti-racism, anti-oppression, sex positivity, mental health support, and queer, trans and two-spirit spaces, look no further! Let’s get together sometime. We’ll watch Netflix and snack with a side of organizing.

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