About that check in and a “Grabbin’ Garment Drive”

It’s been awhile.. We quietly took the “summer” off to focus on ourselves, defend academic work, get out of bed, work-too-much-to-pay-bills, stay in bed, survive. You know? The stuff we fixate on to keep ourselves busy.

Anyways, we’re slowly coming back together to figure out where our energies are best suited in creating Plan B Co-op. Start in a co-operative model? Burn out happened. It’s hard to put time and energy into something when we have rent to pay and nothing to pay yourself with. Start in a business model? Have one or two folx put their names on fine print and use local Small Business Centers or pull out lines of credit? I mean so many people do this. This is capitalism. We are capitalists. I am participating in capitalism right now! But the politic? Survival is political, too.

We’re just having some slow chats and dreaming about life I guess.

Besides this quick little check in, we’re hoping to get this out there! In the past, we’ve had access to several clothing swaps and had the opportunity to store, share, and grow a pile of binders, stockings, gaffs, lingerie, bras, socks, and any little sweet tender garment folx need to affirm their gender presentations. Our storage is now gone and we get asked all the time if we have any spare garments. Right now we don’t and that sucks. So we’re asking folx in the Kitchener-Waterloo community if they’ve got anything gently used/in good condition to (re)gift to other queer, trans, LGBTQ alphabet soup folx those things!

A grabbin’ garment drive!

When: LAST Sunday of every month
Where: 162 Joseph (drop off in the sunroom)
Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
What: Seeking any gently worn binders, socks, gaffs, lingerie, bras, underpants, etc. for gender bending/queerdos in need

Space notes: This is a community member’s house and a specific drop off location. Three steps on either side, furry animal (dog) near the space, low scents.


Sending light,


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