Community discussion: Whiteness and Anti-racism within KW’s Queer Community

Dear community supporters,

There’s a lot of stuff happening in our lives right now! From supporting ‪#‎blmtoblackcity‬ to raging over the North Carolina anti-transgender washroom bill (and several other state’s in close pursuit of replicating that bill, to Indigenous solidarity work defending land and water, to ‪#‎webelievesurvivors‬.. There is a lot to talk about.

In response to many of these social issues, Plan B Co-op is working to open dialogue within our KW queer community for white queers to identify and unlearn the many layers of racism and colonialism. We encourage folx to continue their support of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatterTO‬ for whats to come. We are working on confirming times and locations for community discussions about anti-Black racism, anti-racism, and decolonization within our local Kitchener-Waterloo queer community.

The time to do this work is now. I’m (Ethan/white trans masc.) calling on my fellow white queers to join me in these conversations; to do vulnerable and important work for our communities, and to do better for each other. There is a list of folx who have shared interest in joining these discussions. Please email if you haven’t already inquired interest in this.

If you were at our Homo for the Holidays event, or if you recall our statements released months ago, we released statements before, during, and after the event regarding the need to create spaces for white queers to identify and unlearn the many forms of racism. Let’s do this together.

For other Plan B Co-op related items, statements will be released shortly.

In solidarity love & rage

Plan B Co-op KW

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