Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatterTO

Plan B Co-op KW is putting all of our organizing on the back burner to put our energies and support to the front lines of #BLMTOtentcity. Plan B Co-op is in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter challenging the unjust violence of our current police state and anti-Black racism disproportionately targeting our Black community(ies).

blmto support

There is no need greater at this time than the need to support our Black communities and allies challenging the violence of  the police state (in Canada/on Turtle Island) in Toronto at 40 College St, Toronto Police Headquarters. We need you, we need ourselves, we need folks from all different experiences and identities to work in solidarity for justice. No justice, no peace.

On Saturday March 26 (TOMORROW) there is a critical peaceful protest, BLMTO Black OUT Against Police Brutality from 4pm-7pm. After, join in on the celebration of the Black Moon from 7pm onward as the 150th hour of #BLMTOtentcity approaches.

For up-to-date information follow the hashtag #BLMTOtentcity and #BLMTOblackOUT on Twitter and Facebook, stop by the community(ies) gathered at 40 College Street in Toronto, and follow  Black Lives Matter-Toronto Coalition.

To show your support, please sign this petition created by #BlackLivesMatterTO.

For KW folks, in addition, please sign this petition created by humans in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Here is a video clip highlighting the events within the first 75 hours of #BLMTOtentcity.

This is the media advisory made by #BLMTO and lawyer Saron Gebresellassi announcing a lawsuit against the Toronto Police Department highlighting various forms of anti-Black racism against Torontonians.

Can’t make it out at all or have the means to financially support the folks on the ground? Etransfer donations to
Question: What is this for?
Answer: tentcity

Plan B Co-op KW is publicly supporting the peaceful demonstrations of #BlackLivesMatterTO and our Black community and allies in the fight addressing our current prison industrial complex and police brutality  disproportionately targeting Black, Indigeous, queer and trans Peoples of Colour. Queer issues are intersectional and complex and inherently include the issues of race. Plan B Co-op KW is in solidarity seeking justice for the lives lost at the hands of police targeting and profiling. We ask that, like all of our energies, you share your energies, attend the events, and support the movement in the ways you can.

In solidarity, love, and rage.

Plan B Co-op KW

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