Call for artists: queer DJs and sound techs!

This is a formal call for local KW DJ’s and music makers. We need DJ’s and sound technicians. Plan B Co-op KW is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated persons to DJ or perform sound technical support at our events.

In this new year of 2016, we’re thinking about planning many different events that would need a variety of different roles in the back stage logistics. Even the up front party maker. Does this tickle your fancy? Do you have any interest, skill, or experience in DJing or sound tech? Do you know anyone interested in DJing or sound tech? Let us or them know!

We will be accepting all inquirers on an ongoing basis. Please note, this is a paid opportunity: we will be providing honorariums for these roles at every event.

Plan B Co-op KW welcomes all folks to inquire/make known of their/your bad ass skills by providing us a sample of your work either online or in person. Please connect with us at our email:

We welcome queer folks from marginalized communities including persons of colour, aboriginal peoples, parents, femme/feminine identities, persons with disabilities, immigrants, low-income, and cultural and ethnic minority folks.

In solidarity,
Plan B Co-op crew

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