The Fabulous Glitter Ball *costume* Dance: Plan B Fundraiser

Oh yes!

Our pals over at Hep Cats Hoppers put on this amazing queer-centered slow dance called Rainbow Fabulous Glitter Ball! We’re collaborating to put on this slow dance with a mash up of upbeat tempo. We’re talking 80’s, 90’s and beyond crossed with high school queerdo slow dancing.

Friday October 23, 2015
Doors open at 9pm
Cover is $11 or pay what you can
DJ Brendan @brendan_a
Hep Cat Hopper’s Dance Studio: 42 Erb St., E., Waterloo

This event is all ages and sober, low-scent, accessible, and please bring a pair of indoor shoes for the dance floor. Costumes are encouraged!

The Facebook event is located here. If you’re the type who likes to request songs, do so on this Google Form #thinkoftheDJ.

We cordially invite you to join in on some glittertastic, costume shenanigans to help fundraise for Plan B Co-op. What do we need for donations? Well, besides the classic capitalist currency to help navigate the municipal levels of government while we incorporate Plan B, we are looking for:

– fabrics, blank mugs, blank t-shirts, blank bags, or anything really that we could use to silk screen shirts or paint political propaganda on. #deadmencan’tcatcall
– paints, markers, tapes, printing paper
– pocket change; the heavy shit we let collect in our homes
– gift cards for future fundraiser events
– shelving units, coffee tables, tables, and chairs (though we totally don’t expect to receive these at the Glitter Ball, we can arrange pick ups)
– new and used feminist theory, cultural analysis, poetry, social justice-y, critical race, accessibility justice, indigenous solidarity, environmental justice, anti-capitalist, whatever types of books, anthologies, readers, texts, articles, etc.!
– folks to get involved!


There’s plenty of information in the event description on Facebook thanks to the thorough and brilliance of the organizers behind the Rainbow Fabulous Glitter Ball.

Plan B Co-op KW crew

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