Don’t participate in transphobia this Halloween

This isn’t a regular Plan B post. This is a message from our core organizers in response to the viral costume created by Spirit Halloween, Whole Sale Halloween Costumes and Anytime Costumes.

These Halloween directories have created an awful representation of Caitlyn Jenner by masking transmisogyny as stereotypical humour. The fact that these costumes exist illustrates the ways in which our society is continually upholding systems of oppression that disproportionately affect transgender women. Stereotyping and making humour out of the experiences of our transgender siblings and communities is distasteful, degrading, alienating, invalidating, and is an act of violence. Cultures and identities are not costumes.

Plan B is openly calling attention to this anti-trans rhetoric of appropriating the lived experiences of transgender folks and non-binary folks. There is a big difference between using Halloween as an opportunity to play with your own gender identity and gender expression, and the deliberate stereotyping and violent act of invalidating and normalizing the narratives and stories of transgender bodies. This Caitlyn Jenner costume is not an exception.

Do you need more links?

Marie Claire covered it with Hannah Simpson, a trans woman’s view, CNBC  covered it, Buzzfeed covered it, or better yet just Google it and figure out why this is so harmful for yourself.

In solidarity,

Plan B Core Organizers

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