Two fabulous Plan B updates

Afternoon folks,

There’s been a lot of wonderful support for Plan B while we’re working away at incorporating and fundraising for our start up costs. Two very big updates for you:

1. Plan B now has a bank account! We’re using Your Neighbourhood Credit Union to establish our finances because of their co-operative core values and community driven model of consent and care. This is where all of our fundraising will be funneled into.

2. Our pals over at ACCKWA, the Aids Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and Area, have brilliantly offered to supply us with a series of pamphlets, resources and contraceptives! That’s right folks, any event we hold down, any venue we strut on in, any booth we table, we’ll be packed with the good stuff – a wide array of condoms, dental dams, lubes and education to boot!

For any other updates, ways to get involved, ideas for collaboration, contact us at

Take care,

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