Queer Dance Party: We need you!

Plan B is beginning to branch out to our communities and create collaborative events with other organizations and groups. To jump start this schedule of events, we want to hold a big ole gay queer dance party filled with glittertastic beings and fabulosity! Plan B is organizing a giant queer dance party to launch our crowd sourcing campaign to help facilitate and cover start up costs before we can get seeding funding through grants. To make this happen, we need members of our communities to help us.

Here’s the what we need:

1. We’re looking for folks and organizations to donate gifts, services, items, toys, certificates, food, etc. for raffle prizes.

2. We need volunteers to help organize the event with postering, social media presence, asking businesses and organizations for donations, decorating, technologically savvy persons, and day-of logistics.

3. Folks who are artists, performers, dancers, movers and shakers to be part of cabaret-style events.

4. Anyone who is interested in making Plan B a reality!

The timeline is to hold this dance party at the end of the Summer.

Contact planbcoopkw@gmail.com to learn more!

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