Short Membership Survey Assessment of Plan B

Plan B is in the middle of developing as an organization. We’re inching away to “incorporation”, the formation process before we become a legal entity before our government. One of the main areas of Plan B we need help in is an overview of what our values will be. This includes the types of language we use and how it will affect our community.

In this first survey we’re asking for a brief definition or your initial thought(s). Each answer is not required and we keep your input closed within our organizing committee. We’re not asking for names or queer identities, we’re asking for honest, overarching input. You can find the survey here:

There are two spots for you to provide an email contact: the first is if you’d like to join the organizing committee, the second is if you’d like to join a mailing list. Both of these do not require an answer.

Please forward this survey to any person or network you feel would benefit the discussion at hand. Many thanks from Plan B Co-operative KW.

We’ll be gathering these types of feedback before we create fine-tuned surveys for our communities. Once we feel we’re confident in what Plan B’s values will be, we’re going to hold a community membership event to present to you how Plan B is developing!

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