Plan B at tri-Pride 2015

Howdy folks,

Are you all getting excited for this year’s tri-Pride Festival on Saturday June 6, 2015?! I know we are excited over at Plan B. At this year’s festival Plan B Co-operative KW has a non-profit vendor table. We’re going to have folks there collecting emails for our mailing list, answering any questions, getting comments, and handing out our info cards. We will have a change jar for donations to help us with our start-up costs.

This is a big day for us while we’re in these early stages of developing as an organization. Always looking for more support and help! There are many ways to get involved. We need folks who have skills, experience or are eager to learn in:

– Board of directors policies
– Branding, web design, graphics
– Co-operative frameworks and structures
– Grant writing and research
– Fundraising and event organizing

If any of that appeals to you, stop by our table sometime on Saturday. Folks are eager to meet you! We are building an alternative queer community space by queer folk for queer folk and we need your input.

Find us on Twitter at Plan B Coop KW and like us on Facebook at Plan B Cooperative KW. Our email is

In solidarity.

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