Beaver Fever 2015!

Oh gosh, there’s so much good happening for us over in Plan B. We’re only in the early stages of development but our communities hear us. They like our ideas. They want to support us. The more we reach out to community partners, services and organizations, the more Plan B seems to just “spark” more involvement.

This weekend we’ll be tabling our first event at Tri-City Roller Derby’s inaugural Beaver Fever 2015 ( We’re very excited for this opportunity to spread our ideas in such a sweet setting (come on, it’s babe aura don’t even kid yourself).

Stop by our table sometime, we’ll be there all weekend eagerly awaiting questions, talking about what we aim to do, and collecting your own ideas. Part of what this summer is all about is visibility. We want to hold events like shows, art galleries, or dance parties to spread the word of Plan B, get community involvement, and raise funding for our branding.

Plan B: an alternative not-for-profit worker co-operative building a queer community by queers for queers.

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