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First and foremost, thank you to those who made it out to Plan B’s first ever town hall information session! Your critical feedback and comments have been noted. A special thank you to all of the vibes brought by the people who couldn’t attend. We have a lot of ideas to work with and now comes the time for us to get together and work through each idea.

We need people who have the capacity to take on organizing roles during Plan B’s developmental stages. We need people who have the time to support this process of Plan B. It doesn’t matter where your knowledge is, we’re going to skill-share our own experiences and knowledge of Board of Directors, co-operative frameworks, and community building!


Are you interested in:

  1. Board of Directors: writing and developing a Board structure,
  2. Governance policies and processes: collaborating and drafting initial Board processes,
  3. Networking and outreach that is relevant to Plan B: using your contacts in social services and organizations that can strengthen and support Plan B’s purpose and scope,
    1. Spaces like OK2BME, ACCKWA, Out on The Shelf, ROOF, etc
    2. Connecting with local produce suppliers in the area
    3. Communicating with other Co-ops and Board of Director’s bylaws
  4. Graphic designing: supporting and facilitating the development of Plan B’s image,
  5. Volunteer and community membership drive: creating and researching different membership structures, or
  6. Grant writing: supporting and reviewing the applications we are researching!


You can now find us on Facebook and Twitter!

We hope to have the next organizing meeting the weekend of May 9-10.

Please RSVP for our organizing session by Tuesday May 5 via email:

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