Getting Ready: What should you do before the town hall on April 22?


I’ve had a bunch of folks either send a message, phone call me, or sit and chat with me about Plan B. Don’t sweat it! There’s a lot of things going on in all of our lives. So keep doing you, I’ll keep up with what I’ve been up to.

I’ll write out a bit more here about what the town hall is about:

The town hall is located at 232 King St., North in Waterloo. It is a Wilfrid Laurier University building on the second floor in K214. It is an accessible room that is scent free. Please avoid fragrances and perfumes to respect this shared space. The event is running from 3pm to 7pm in a drop-in format. There will be light refreshments provided.

I am preparing slides that will be both printed for your leisure and shared via email early next week. The slides are a visual representation of my own ideas, the ideas that have been shared by others so far, the ultimate goals of Plan B, what a cooperative is, why would it be a not-for-profit, and how we can do this work as a large and diverse queer community.

This drop-in town hall meeting is to get your own thinking caps turning! What are your needs? What do you want to see in Kitchener? Do you have experiences in not for profits? In or on Board of Directors? In community organizing? In cooperatives? The idea is to open a dialogue and create a platform of experience sharing: what works, what doesn’t work, your ideas, and of course, what your own capacities are.

This Plan B town hall is not to define a vision, a mission and a values description of Plan B. This is to open space up to our local area and invite individuals who have the capacity to be part of organizing Plan B. From there, we’ll set up regular meetings to work on Plan B’s bylaws, governance structure, roles and impacts, and the vision, mission and values descriptions. Once we’ve come up with some concrete material to work with, we are going to host another town hall drop-in session to inform our community(ies) of what Plan B is shaping into.

Then, after that feedback, Plan B would move forward into incorporation. The legal term in which we would be formally recognized by the government as a not for profit multi-stakeholder cooperative in Kitchener, Ontario. Once we are an entity, that is where the grant fundraising and crowdsourcing comes in. Once we are an “entity” we can apply for funding or raise money through donations to establish ourselves in a space and develop into what Plan B envisioned itself as: a queer centered community space that is part coffee shop, part literature and resource space (including a zine library and a community printer), and part ethical sex toy store. Once established and running, we can take our not for profit status and develop into a foundation to give financing back to our local queer and trans community members!

Simply enough? Oh gosh. That’s up for you to decide.

So what should you do before the town hall on April 22?

Relax. This is a lot. And besides that, I’m a total windbag filled up with dreams and ideas and goals. If you’re free come hang out with us. Learn about what we’ve dug up or hear what others’ needs are. If you have the passion, dedication and capacity to partake in this huge initiative, then come join us! It is so totally okay if you don’t have the capacity. You matter so much. Please take care of you.

I also encourage you to share this event; tell your friends, families and colleagues about Plan B. Spread the word!

But what if you can’t make it our to the town hall on April 22?

That’s okay! It really is! Stay up-to-date informed by following this blog. After we have our first few organizing sessions, tasks and roles will be delegated and we will gather a social media presence. Do outreach and convey our status to you folks throughout our journey. If you’re following this blog (or check it sometimes) you’ll be informed of what social media platforms we’re using and what our status of formation is.

If you want to hear more in person or get involved in bigger ways, then send me an email at I’m pretty quick at getting back to you (or anyone, really). Let’s set up a time to meet or just chat through email or over the phone!


I hope to see you folks out there.

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