Processing and Funding!

Hello, hello!

Wow, this is big. How do we even begin with something this big and important? How do we take on such valuable project for the community(ies) and by the community(ies)?

I’ll jump in and get a bit personal here:

In mid-March 2015, I started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a trans-related surgery after some unfortunate snags at CAMH. I was gifted by you folks, the brave and compassionate persons in my communities, to raise just under $1200 in five days. I was then approved of the surgery through CAMH after 5 days (let’s laugh about the timing of that on another day). It was so re-affirming for all that I do and all that our communities value. I gave folks options: either have your donation returned or let me donate your funds to SPECTRUM. Some folks have encouraged me to use their donations towards Plan B KW.

Today, April 10, 2015, I had received the disbursement of funds from the Indiegogo campaign and am doing just that. Returning and donating the funds. With that said. We have enough crowd sourced funding to incorporate Plan B KW. This includes all of the name search and processing fees. But we’re not there yet. We need come together and write out the policies, our bylaws, our vision, mission and values statements, and our strategic plan all before we incorporate ourselves as an entity.

Before we can even begin looking for spaces or send off grants from co-op funding organization (or municipal funding organizations) we must incorporate. Once we are an “entity” recognized by the municipal, provincial and federal layers of government, we can then apply for grants to “start-up”.

Simple enough, yes? We have ideas, now it’s time to *feel the feels and do the work*.

We’re going to need to fundraise during this time of formation in order to purchase a web site domain with email and web storage (for future use of online activities including an online store) after incorporation. So stay tuned for some potential house or cafe shows to raise money for those things!

I hope this cleared the air!

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